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3 Surprising Benefits Of Home Water Filters

If you have considered having a water filter installed in your home, then you may be hesitating purchasing it just to have better-tasting drinking water. While better-tasting and healthier tap water is one huge benefit of home water filters, there are many other benefits to having filtered water in your home that you may not be aware of. 

1. Filtered Water Can Improve Your Skin and Hair

You may be someone who chooses high-quality skin and hair care products, but you may not think about the fact that you are using them with low-quality water. If your water is hard, or has a high level of contaminants, then think about the money you waste on good products that you use with bad water. 

Filtering water that comes out of your tap or shower can help improve skin problems, including some types of dermatitis. It can also help you get more foam out of your products, so you use less and save money in the long run. 

If you have ever heard that myth that celebrities bath in bottled water, the truth is that they don’t have to because their water filters can produce water that is just as pure as bottled. 

2. It Can Help Your Appliances Last Longer

If you have a water filter installed that treats the water of your entire home, which is called a point-of-entry filter, then this can help keep your home appliances free from limescale, which can help them last longer. Appliances that can benefit include your dishwasher, the ice-maker in your refrigerator, your clothes-washing machine, coffee makers, and even your home hot water tank.  

Water filtered before it enters your home can even keep your home plumbing pipes in good condition for longer since limescale can build up on them as well, and it is not easy to remove

3. It Can Help Asthma Sufferers

If you or anyone in your family suffers from asthma, then the last trigger you likely suspect is your home water. When water is heated, it becomes airborne steam, as you likely know. Many of the chemicals and contaminants in your home water are not destroyed by the heat, and that includes chlorine. Inhaled chlorine and another chemical in municipal water called called chloramine have been shown to contribute to asthma, and they can even trigger attacks. 

Filtering your home water with a multi-stage filter that includes a carbon- filter stage is the best way to rid your home water of these hazardous chemicals. 

If you think the only benefit of home water filters is having better-tasting drinking water, then you may be surprised at how many other benefits filtered water provides your family and home. 

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