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Are You Struggling To Keep Your Store Clean? A Janitorial Service Can Help

When you operate a retail store, you want to impress your customers with the cleanliness of your building. Dirty floors and cloudy windows could make it look like you are sloppy and don’t care about your customers or the quality of your merchandise. It’s hard to find time to manage your store and keep it sparkling clean too. That’s why you should hire a janitorial service. Here’s how a cleaning service can benefit you.

Keeping The Floors Clean

It’s difficult to keep floors clean when your store gets a lot of foot traffic. It’s even harder when it’s raining or snowing. You may need to damp mop during the day and put down rugs near the entrance to trap moisture and dirt. That’s not nearly enough to keep your floors in good shape though. They should be deep cleaned on a regular basis, whether it’s daily or a few times per week. A janitorial service can thoroughly clean the floors during slow business times or after you close. A thorough cleaning involves removing stains, gum, dust, and grime. Depending on what type of flooring you have, the service can buff the floors so they shine or deep clean carpets without you having to store all the necessary equipment in house.

Dusting Shelves And Furniture

Dust accumulates quickly in a small store, especially if the doors are open most of the day. The last thing you want is for your inventory, cash register area, or customer seating area to be dusty or sticky. It makes it look like your store doesn’t get a lot of business. A janitorial service understands how to cycle the cleaning tasks to keep your store free from dust accumulation on baseboards, windows, light fixtures, shelves, and molding. This is a time consuming task you probably won’t have time to do yourself, but if you let it go, your customers will notice.

Cleaning And Stocking The Bathroom

A clean bathroom is a joint effort between your employees and the janitorial service. Since customers can make a mess in your bathroom at any time, it should be checked frequently during the day to keep the toilets functioning and the wastebaskets empty. It will also need a thorough cleaning on a regular basis to keep the floor sparkling, the chrome shiny, and the grout lines clean. The bathroom is probably one of the most difficult places to maintain in your store; however, when it’s dirty or messy, it casts your business in a bad light. Customers appreciate walking into a clean space that is well stocked since it shows you care about their comfort.

Even if your store is small, it needs deep cleaning on a regular basis if there are several customers coming in every day. You need to decide if you have time to do these tasks yourself, if you want to pay employees to clean, or if you want to hire a janitorial service. Hiring a professional cleaning service is usually the best option, since they have the skills and equipment needed to do a thorough job. Plus, that frees up your employees to focus completely on running your store without the distraction of keeping things clean too. If you’re interested in janitorial services, visit Springs Cleaning.