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Do You Need To Get Your Water Tested?

If you run a business that utilizes water in its day-to-day operations or if you’re just a person concerned with the quality of the water that you drink and use in your daily life, you should know that there are ways to determine the safety and healthfulness of the water you utilize. In fact, this- testing water quality- is one of the main focuses of environmental labs.

Therefore, if you are concerned about water quality, you can set up water testing through a local lab and bring in a sample for testing. Even if you’re not concerned, you might need to be. Drinking unhealthy water can be detrimental to the health of you and your family, and using contaminated water in industrial practices can put your business and your clients at risk.

While it’s smart to have water tested regularly, it’s especially important to send it in for testing if you notice any of the following signs of possible contamination or poor quality.

Strange Smells or Tastes

First things first, you should always take notice of any changes in your water, especially if you notice a change in the way your water tastes or smells.

Odd tastes or smells that appear out of nowhere often indicate the presence of a contaminant. Some of the most common (and often dangerous!) contaminants include:

  • Metal
  • Chlorine
  • Sulfur

Environmental labs can quickly, easily, and accurately test for the presence of these and other contaminants, giving you safety and peace of mind.

Digestive Issues

When people are exposed to contaminated water, they will often exhibit certain digestive symptoms. These symptoms are their body’s way of telling them that something is wrong.

If you or others around you are experiencing digestive troubles, such as sudden and unexplained stomach cramps, regular nausea, or bowel problems, and you can’t figure out why, your water supply could be to blame. Testing your water can help you to determine for sure if your water is to blame.

Unfortunately, not everyone will notice these signs; sometimes, contaminated and dangerous water may not give any indicators of a problem until it’s too late and people have already suffered its ill effects. Thus, the only way to fully protect yourself and others is to be 100% certain about the quality of the water you are drinking and/or using.

Testing through a credible environmental laboratory is the only way to truly ensure safe water; at-home test kits can’t test for all of the contaminants that true labs can. Thus, don’t take risks with your health or the health of those you love. Get your water professionally tested, especially if you have noticed any of these warning signs.