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3 Safe Storage Tips For Your Diabetes Supplies

Your diabetes supplies are critical to managing your disease and keeping yourself safe and healthy. However, it can be easy to put yourself at risk by not taking proper care of these supplies. For example, you should make sure to follow these three safe storage tips for your diabetes supplies to help prevent any potential safety issues.

1. Keep Supplies Out of Reach of Children

First of all, make sure that you keep your supplies out of reach of children and pets. Supplies should be kept in a cabinet or drawer that cannot easily be reached by little hands. If you are particularly worried about your little ones getting into your supplies — such as if your child has a tendency to climb and reach into cabinets or drawers that he or she shouldn’t — make sure that you keep them in a locked box or safe. Insulin can be extremely dangerous, or your child could get hurt by your needles, so you have to take this step very seriously.

2. Handle Needles Properly

Your needles should be kept in their original packaging to help keep them sterile so that you don’t have to worry about them being contaminated. This also helps prevent against you or anyone else getting accidentally pricked when looking for your supplies. You also have to think about how your needles are disposed of — they should be disposed of properly through a service that specializes in hazardous waste management.

3. Make Sure Supplies are Easy to Find

If you properly maintain your diabetes by going to all of your doctor’s appointments, watching your diet, monitoring your glucose levels and taking your medication as needed, you should be able to prevent most emergencies. However, there is still always the possibility that you could get into an emergency situation in which someone else needs to retrieve your supplies. Even though they should not be within reach of children or pets, they should be kept in a logical and easy-to-find place for an adult who may need to provide you with assistance in an emergency. Consider writing this information down on your refrigerator, for example.

Storing your diabetes supplies the right way is important. As long as you remember a few safety tips in mind when it comes to storing your supplies, however, you can help prevent any problems and can help keep yourself and the others in your home safe.